Challenge #820 (08/03/19) Entries CLOSED

(BlenderRens) #41

If you want to add even more realism you can add glue fingerprints in dark grey on the green sheet of paper and maybe a few micro folds. It’s a really convincing piece and nice idea!

(Nitram_2000) #42

The idea stems from the fact that I’ve very little free time this weekend to do all the research to actually build and model space ships and planets :smile:

(Ansaar13) #43

I’m not kidding when i say i am literally in the middle of reading that book. It’s so good! :smiley:

(FlyingBanana) #44

As far as viewport goes you can try hiding unneeded objects till they are needed for the render. Use layers as it helps keep down the amount of displayed objects. Then once done with that switch to wireframe, enable all the disabled layers and render it out. Also might try using instances of objects that have been duplicated or array modifiers once you get them to the right liking then just click the disable in viewport :eye: icon for the array. Pretty much all my WC stuff has been done on laptops with nothing bigger than a 16 gig ram and 2 gig nvidia mobile gpu.

(Nitram_2000) #45

Added some paper roughness and it looks way better.

I also added a single fingerprint. How would I add several of these at random places using the same texture?

Also, is there no simple way to add text to a texture in the image editor? I was hoping to keep this a closed entry, but I guess I’ll have to go over to photoshop to add some text to a texture. Boo urns.

(Photox) #46

“The Drake Equation”


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(OLG) #47

Awesome idea to try to get a few more participants. For fun and glory and learning :slight_smile: .

Took me looking at a tut or two but I understand how its done now. Very cool.

(Nitram_2000) #48

A quick tut on this would be super.

(Nitram_2000) #49

Who’s going to enter this? :smile:

(Helge) #50

Were the problems caused by the filesize? I was under the impression that gif-files would work fine with Discourse.

So, this must be Nick Cave on that planet. :wink:

Sure, go ahead. However, I’m not sure how the restrictions could be enforced on a technical level. I guess, some kind of ‘license’ will have to be enough. :wink:

Since it is hardly recognizable and far from the focus element of the scene, I don’t think this is really necessary. Of course, I’ll respect the category you choose when setting up the voting tonight.

Maybe I should invest some additional time into checking out 2.8…

(Midnightcpu) #51

Ya I was wtching a tut by cgcookie on making fire with weight paint and I decided to try it with particles and it worked took me two days to figure it out I tried it in 2.8 but didn’t work where its still in beta stage it crashed on me trying to do it

(Michael Cabatingan) #52

I can’t render it in time, its still baking the final smoke sim (my poor 10 year old laptop)
But here it is with the old smoke, and unrendered… >.<


Pure. Blender 2.8. Eevee. First time using 2.8, wanted to create a ship that was not the usual sort, based off a hummingbird.

Edit: Used a noise with colour ramp for the world environment and tried have a go with freestyle, still need to experiment with it.

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(RayVelcoro) #54

It was the filesize. Twitter/Imgur caps it to 15mb. whould be nice if BA had the same cap.

(Helge) #55

I think @bartv mentioned the disk space already being an issue. Attachments seem to be kind of heavy around here. Well, it isn’t that surprising. :wink:

(OLG) #56

lol. I watched the ones from Sardi Pax from 2013. It was done in blender internal but the theory was there on how it could be done.

This was done only using a particle system and not dynamic paint but I liked the way it looked as well.


(Izac Peterson) #57

A distant world.

Competing, pure.

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(mediaklan) #58

“Not fleeing. This is an advanced strategic retreat”
Pure entry : everything made within Blender. Only the fighter was an unfinished (about 65%) part of an old project. Spent a little too much time on it ^^’.

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(gegi) #59

Just something quick from me, done under 20min. First time submitting to challenge. It’s a wormhole. The picture is 50% HD resolution, because I started making this 30min before the contest ends, so I didn’t have time to render it in.

Edit: I’ll upload in higher resolution if thread doesn’t closes in the next few mintues.
Edit 2: Here’s picture with higher resolution.

Challenge #820 Voting CLOSED
(BlenderRens) #60

wow nice! The markers look really good too!