Challenge #826 (19/04/19) Entries CLOSED

Magic tactical fairy cannon. great for barbeques. 256 samples with denoising. pure render.


Cyber Fairy Outfit Set - Limited Edition

Open entry. Base figure is using MBL add-on, everything else is self made. Rendered with Cycles 256 samples + denoising, hexagonal pattern made in Inkscape, some effects done in GIMP. Concept based on a past 2D work :


Happy Easter!


5 and a half hours to go on my render :see_no_evil::no_mouth: it looks good.
You all really made me put a lot of work into this render :joy:.
I’m using most of my arsenal of tricks on this one, it put up a good fight in compositing but I wooped it or at least I think I did :joy:

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It’s done!
Meet the brand new «Nuclear kitchen 3000»!
Just choose the food on the screen, press the button and nuclear power will do all the work!
I have a lot of fun during this project!
It is my first work like this.
HDRI from HDRIHaven.
All materials are procedural.
Trees: images as planes.
Grass: Blender guru’s “Bahiagrass pack - Grass Essentials Freebie”.
Model of turkey: “Halo Media Works” from Sketchfab (CC Attribution).
Rendered in Cycles, 500 samples, denoising.


Man, great idea!
Cool irony, like “we have technology to make jet horsehoe, but still use horses”, it’s funny! :joy:

Gnomish Flying Machine
Pure entry
Blender 2.79
Inspired by Warcraft 2 & WoW.


This is The Jade Pyramid of infinite night. Its the last hope of humanity. This device was sent out into the cosmos to find a suitable solar system to create a new earth for the last of mankind. It works in tangent with several other devices to increase a systems ability to safely support human life. This os a gravity sweep. It pushes any hazardous debris from the system and enhances the outer planets gravity to absorb any incoming debris from outer space and act as our planets shield. In this video you can see it in action as The Guardian Angel Patrols and protects.

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Happy Easter! (Non-Competing)

Just a little something I made to wish everyone a happy Easter.


I made this over the weekend 3 days ago… Jade Pyramid I made a month ago…
This is the teleportation gateway overseeing the creation of the new earth. This is the moon installation phase… Here is a video of it in action.



Man, I should’ve made a fully-automated easter-egg painting machine, it would fit the theme and the holiday…

Too late now. Maybe next year. :wink:

Witch Detector

Pure entry. Some of the decals (like text) were made with Inkscape, the rest was made with Blender and using procedural textures.

Not an egg-painting machine, but at least I have some easter eggs. :stuck_out_tongue:


One of my favorite movies. Well done sir!

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One of my favorite Fantasy realms is The Elder Scrolls so I took inspiration from there. A rock texture from the web and some dwemer images for the book from the wiki page.

Dwemer Tech Research Laboratory. Pure Entry

I had a busy weekend so didn’t get to spend as much time on it as I wanted to. Perhaps if I get a little bit of time during lunch I can work on it a bit more.


I used to love playing Morrowind. Had so much fun exploring and wreaking hovoc on the towns people hehehe

“NTEKs ChillLounge 16k”
Pure Cycles 250 Samples

Another version is rendering that might eliminate some noise.


For those curious, my final entry render to the CG Boost contest I posted in the finished works thread.

I will be back next challenge with eager anticipation.

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T-19 RoboMask
1500 samples PURE
Project page on ArtStation: (feel free to follow :slight_smile: )


Here is my non-competing entry:


Pure Blender 2.79, Cycles, only procedural textures.



i wouldve liked to be more productive &for the challenge this weekend, but easter holidays were incredibly busy. great work yall!

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