Challenge #887 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme:


Which entry would you like to see win?
(If you cannot decide, pick up to 2.)
  • atekdigital
  • CaptainMeLu
  • KickAir_8P
  • unyxium
  • Vampy_monkey
  • fcharr
  • RobertT
  • Millani
  • Sssjjjbbb
  • Karmon

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After 2 days of voting, a winner is declared: The voting will close on: Wed, Jun 24, 2020 11:00 PM.
The winner picks the theme for next week.

If the winner doesn’t supply a theme before Thursday 22:30 GMT, the organizer will select the theme. In this case, the winner’s theme will be used the next time we are lacking a theme on Thursday 22:30 GMT. :slight_smile:

Having selected the theme, the winner will not be eligible to enter that week. They may however still submit an image, but it won’t be included in the voting.

This week’s winner:

Pure Entries

atekdigital: cartoon eevee

CaptainMeLu: Bad Boy

KickAir_8P: End of a Bad Day

unyxium: Bad day at work

Vampy_monkey: Only a few bad apples

fcharr: It’s a snake, live with it


Millani: Bad Memories

Sssjjjbbb: Bad Eggs

Open Entries

Karmon: Bad day ? Night will be worse…

(Character and creatures from “Mixamo”,Trees made with " Modular tree addon", Fire is a picture from “Pexels”. I’ve used ready models and focus on creation the scene and compositing what was quiet new experience for me.)

Non-competing Entries

beau11: breakingbad

Helge: Bad Bank

Didn’t realize how few of us took up this challenge… Oh snap! or Oh Snake! :wink:

Yeah, two votes this time. I can deal with one vote, I can deal with three votes, but two votes messes with my head. :pleading_face:

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Lol, I might be back in a few weeks like a month I have to order the PC then I’m going to buy a touch screen for it.

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Wait a minute is Robert t entering the week end challenges now? :scream_cat:
That’s the first I’ve seen that in years. :open_mouth:

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Yep, he’s been doing it for a few weeks now. He even won 1st place a few weeks ago :slight_smile:

Great! Looking forward to you rejoining the challenges.

Sounds interesting, I’ve actually never thought about that. What are you going to do with it?

Bad turnout


Lol, I’m getting a “Bad gateway” when trying to open unyxium’s entry in fullscreen. :stuck_out_tongue:

At least we get some bad jokes this week. :smiley:


It’s midsummer. That’s why I didn’t enter, I’d imagine that’s the reason for the SAD turnoutyeaaa

I’ll see myself out.


That’s not good. Cubeupload is an image hosting site which I have used for a couple of things. I used it here because I couldn’t upload pictures onto BlenderArtists for some reason (fails for large files).

I made up a jpeg version so you can look at it here:

It’s smaller so it doesn’t fail. Anything near 1MB and above seems to fail, with the larger the file, the more likely it is to fail.

I don’t know why it happens. I have been having trouble for the past few months now. I tested on a phone and a computer and the same issue still happens. Perhaps it is an issue with the network I am on. The error is reported as ERR_SSL_BAD_RECORD_MAC_ALERT on Chrome.

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And… the winner of Weekend Challenge 887 with votes from 64.7% of the voters is… CaptainMeLu!
Here’s to all the great participators…

Bad Boy


Hello everyone, thank you very much for your votes. I loved all the entries, beautiful job! I hope you like the theme I chose. Regards! :grin: :heart_eyes:


Congrats CaptainMeLu – s’cute! Nice entries everybody!

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congrats captain and monkey, my two picks! :slight_smile:


I figured I could use the touchscreen for sculpting or for when I’m lazy and don’t want to push any buttons. :grin:
It would be like my touchscreen laptop, but bigger. :sweat_smile::yum:

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Congrats @CaptainMeLu, you had my vote, a believable mess is a hard scene to create. My guess is you’ve been confronted with it a few times in real life…

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Thx, haha. It was based on real life events xdd

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