Challenge #937 "Upgrade" (04/06/21) Entries CLOSED

A colorful bunch of upgrades:

Which one do you like best?

Oh no! I got fooled by the post’s time zone! I’m sorry I missed the deadline, but I worked on this my first scene in Blender for this contest. I should have converted GMT to PDT!

The submission is pure, but as I’ve missed the deadline, it’s non-competing. It’s all original, and rendered in Eevee.


Sorry to hear that. This happens from time to time. I just added your entry to the new thread as a non competing one. This way it still gets some visibility.

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Thank you for that @Helge I appreciate it :smiley:

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Yeah man, wings would have been cool. As always I had a long list of stuffs I wanted to do, but didn’t have enough time/energy.

I had no lights, just an HDR, used also as the background. Im lousy at lighting the scene and usually just use an HDR.

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That car model is pretty sick @LackaDaisic! Did you really make it just this week? How did you model it, did you have good reference?

It looks like a Euro car…

And now, I present you … “The Boder Awards”

AravindCG : Upgrade needed for the journey ahead.
••• Most inspiring
rigoletto : Upgrade now
••• Most techy
Kaden_Shaw : My computer needs this button
••• Most practical IRL
AlphaChannel : Hacker Upgrade
••• Best atmosphere
GreenRuke : Upgrade your mind for surviving with smart
••• Best suited for a video game CG cutscene / Boss battle
LackaDaisic : SPEED-UP
••• Most realistic model (mixed with a cartoon idea!)
iderdown : upgrade starting now
••• Grossest
Brady_Adams : Upgrade?
••• Most aesthetic / abstract
Boder : Tower of In-spire-ation
••• Most conceptual / unusual
fcharr : Flight
••• Best use of existing materials
pepeyoda46 : render_photoshoped
••• Most like a comic strip panel
Gismo_Wander : tomato-juice
••• Most artsy
Karmon : Skills upgrade…
••• Best backstory
Tachtian : Sara had to admit: the ‘transform’ button of ‘My First Rocket’ was kinda cool.
••• Most like a Pixar movie
Helge : Cetonia aurata
••• Best color and composition
HazelQ : upgrade2
••• Most like a Hollywood movie
bhibb : Upgrade to Linux
••• Honorable Mention: Best First Time

And also to bhibb for spreading the word about Solus Linux.

Congratulations, guys. Here are your Star Cubes™.

@AravindCG @rigoletto @AlphaChannel @Kaden_Shaw

@fcharr @Helge @pepeyoda46 @GreenRuke


@Tachtian @HazelQ @LackaDaisic @iderdown

@Boder @bhibb @Karmon @Brady_Adams @Gismo_Wander


In the result pull vote there is a “timezone sensitive” timestamp for the end of he vote. Is that also possible to use for the end of submission (in header and/or general challenge docu)?

The first post of each entry thread should already contain the same date display as the voting thread does. Maybe it isn’t working correctly. What does it display in your browser?

Looks like this on my system:

Nice! Who would have thought that there would be an award ceremony this week. :slight_smile:

you are right! I didn’t noticed it until now.
well, no excuse for bhibb anymore :slight_smile:

Hahaha, thanks, I am very happy with how it came out. Yes it was over the weekend but I have the advantage that I actually drove that car for years :slight_smile:

I got the blueprint of the model online and used them as reference. It is a fiat panda, indeed an euro car (italian)

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Nic3! I looked at it with a friend and they agreed that the type of car really helps convey the meaning of a giant rocket attached to a not-so-powerful car, even though we may not know this car, we have similar models in the US.

Her comment was that the camera could include the top of the rocket in the frame.

You must be biting your nails, you have a little lead in the vote. I was voting for you because I was so impressed by your model, but I switched because the more I looked over the entries I felt the composition, lighting and colors blending together could be better. I also like cartoon-y stuff a lot (which is just my own thing!).

To be fair, 12:30 AM is one of the most confusing times of day within the AM/PM system. :wink:
(Depending on your time zone, this can be the entry thread’s deadline.)

Maybe I will fix it up a bit in the future. I really like “realistic” render of cartoonish subjects.

I was so surprised that people liked it so much, I wasn’t even sure I wanted to post it. I really liked it but it didn’t exactly come out as I had in my head and I just submitted it to be done with it.

But it really made my week :slight_smile: hope you will all enjoy the next weekend challenge!

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