Challenge #988 "Screw man" (27/05/22) Entries CLOSED


non competing (pure), Cycles, Blender 3.1.2


Continuing the discussion from Challenge #988 "Screw man" (27/05/22) Entries OPEN:

Pure, angry screw man, blender 3.3


screw punk


Is this pure or open?

I’m new to the blender community. I don’t I don’t know what pure and open means in this context. Could you please explain that to me?

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This is pure.

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Pure - Cycle render.

Had fun doing this but a pain to get floor lights working how I wanted :slight_smile:


“Jazz Band”

(Open because I used 3 cc0 textures. Two rust textures and a metal texture for the floor. The metal texture used for the hardware is a custom procedural one. I also used a cc0 studio lighting hdri.)

It still has a few issues, but I’m happy with the way it turned out. I used the reference @rigoletto used, as well as some others I found on the internet.

The workflow proved to be efficient. I first created assets (mostly from the bolt factory addon, but some of my own), then I was able to freely arrange them to create characters as well as props. The bolt factory had some issues though, mainly wrong scale and bad geometry at times, so it took a bit of fiddling around to get them to work well. I used a cycles bevel shader to smooth out those edges. Bevel modifier doesn’t play nice with bolt factory assets.

Oh, and if you’re also a fan of lesser known jazz bands, I recommend taking a look at two of my favorite artists:

Adrian Chevalier

Charlie Roman Castelluzzo


Pure Cycles render Blender 3.0
This is my first competition on this site, just for fun, my Screwman is just sitting around waiting for something to happen.


:smiley: Nice
Would like to see it in an “horror” lightning :slight_smile:

@Helge: Walking animation for this guy please. :smiley:

@Cazbarr: Nice, just at the first glance i thougt, why are there a pair of eyes on the body :slight_smile:

@Zorro_Weaver: My favorite :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback :smiley: :smiley:. I was also wondering if I should have tried to make it look a bit more ‘horror’. If I get time this evening, I might still try to alter the lighting, deadline permitting…

Pure, Cycles

Just a collection :slight_smile:

@Helge thank you for the tip, that really saved some hours :smiley:


Here’s my entry - pure. I guess I was late to getting the hint about making screws, I did it from scratch with the screw modifier - then found that the boolean really did not want to subtract a screwed object from another to make a nut. I had to improvise. I used Paint to modify the box label.


‘Pile of Scraps’

I might tweak it some more, but I’m a little burnt out right now.


:notes: You’re missing that one final screw…

I’m going slightly mad… :notes:

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Unfortunately I didn’t have time (nor a good idea) to participate this round - I had never heard or seen anything of these “Screw Man” figures before either.

Yesterday I took a friend’s cat to the vet and when I was paying the bill I found this on the counter:

This is a perfect example of coincidence :slight_smile:


:smiley: at first i thought, wow if he made it in time this will win.

Beware of geolocation :smiley: i found the desk: