Challenge #990 "Winning soccer goal" (10/06/22) Entries CLOSED

also you don’t see often grass with such bending, well done.

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Pure, Cycles, 10 Samples.
This is inspired by a character from the 80s anime Kickers.
I never really watched it 'cause I was a DuckTales kid :duck:


Spain vs. Argentina?

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PURE “table soccer”


Stylized Soccer Ball

(Pure, competing. The only thing I didn’t create is the icon from Also a little bit of post processing in gimp.)

It’s not my best project, and it is a bit lacking in ways, but I like it overall. I experimented a lot with stylized shading this time, using it for the trees, grass, and ball. The ball is procedurally created in geometry nodes. The trees use gn as well, though they take a sculpted source shape. The grass is made with hair particles so I could customize the shading.

EDIT: Did some adjustments and used a shadow catcher so the ball properly casts shadows on the grass.


"The Best Goal in the World 2022"

non competing (pure), Cycles, Blender 3.2.0


Hi all!

I used to be a regular around here, but moved onto other projects/hobbies…

Anyway, I’ve done the weekend challenge before and loved it! So when I saw the topic, I thought back to my first real animation ever…

Just thought I would share that. Done in blender 2.46.


P.S. - lots of good entries so far!

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Catch This!

Pure, Cycles
2048 samples with OptiX denoising. (the fire really boosted my rendering times, adding it in post would probably be smarter :smiley: )

If I am being brutally honest, I did not like the theme at first, seemed a bit too specific to me to provoke creative submissions. But I did not have time to participate for a long time, so I went all in on this one regardless, and had a great time :slight_smile: And there are some awesome and clever entries too, so jokes on me for being narrow minded :smiley:


The idea of of bending the grass plane stylish to emulate this camera distortion is an fantastic idea. :smiley:

It actually really was a simple flat plane through a panoramic camera :slight_smile: they are a bit wonky to work with in Blender, but for a simple static shot with no complex compositing or anything I thought it easier than trying to convincingly bend the plane.

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Rocket League inspired


Futebol clube do Porto and Futebol clube Benfica :wink:

The king of football

There is nothing more pleasant than to bask in the splendor of your glory and admire your victory.



perhaps a silly attempt

and motions blur on


Thanks for the hint. I wanted a zoom blur.
Maybe it work when its mapped on a simple box that is moved on the z direction form the camera.
I try it.

You’re welcome, i’m excited to see the result


Probably not going to finish this week because I got Covid (again).


Sorry to hear that. Get well soon!


Speedy recovery!

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Finished, but the mapping on the geometry did not gives me a satisfying result. Found the “Directional Blur” in the compositor. Wished i could use the a map on the zoom input. But the result is good.
Maybe there is a hack to produce a input map to feed the vector blur. But i have no clue for this.

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