Challenge #990 "Winning soccer goal" (10/06/22) Entries CLOSED

"The Best Goal in the World 2022"

non competing (pure), Cycles, Blender 3.2.0


Hi all!

I used to be a regular around here, but moved onto other projects/hobbies…

Anyway, I’ve done the weekend challenge before and loved it! So when I saw the topic, I thought back to my first real animation ever…

Just thought I would share that. Done in blender 2.46.


P.S. - lots of good entries so far!

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Catch This!

Pure, Cycles
2048 samples with OptiX denoising. (the fire really boosted my rendering times, adding it in post would probably be smarter :smiley: )

If I am being brutally honest, I did not like the theme at first, seemed a bit too specific to me to provoke creative submissions. But I did not have time to participate for a long time, so I went all in on this one regardless, and had a great time :slight_smile: And there are some awesome and clever entries too, so jokes on me for being narrow minded :smiley:


The idea of of bending the grass plane stylish to emulate this camera distortion is an fantastic idea. :smiley:

It actually really was a simple flat plane through a panoramic camera :slight_smile: they are a bit wonky to work with in Blender, but for a simple static shot with no complex compositing or anything I thought it easier than trying to convincingly bend the plane.

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Rocket League inspired


Futebol clube do Porto and Futebol clube Benfica :wink:

The king of football

There is nothing more pleasant than to bask in the splendor of your glory and admire your victory.



perhaps a silly attempt

and motions blur on


Thanks for the hint. I wanted a zoom blur.
Maybe it work when its mapped on a simple box that is moved on the z direction form the camera.
I try it.

You’re welcome, i’m excited to see the result


Probably not going to finish this week because I got Covid (again).


Sorry to hear that. Get well soon!


Speedy recovery!

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Finished, but the mapping on the geometry did not gives me a satisfying result. Found the “Directional Blur” in the compositor. Wished i could use the a map on the zoom input. But the result is good.
Maybe there is a hack to produce a input map to feed the vector blur. But i have no clue for this.

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Hope you get well soon.

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@Trentle, hope you get to feeling better soon!

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Kick that stuff in the ass.

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Kick it!

An old pal saw my entry which he liked and mentioned to give the eyes a more volume look,
which was quick to do and for playing around half an hour it is an interesting result :smiley: