Challenge for 3D artists - I need 3D footage for my film - VOLUNTARY

Challenge for 3D artists - I need 3D footage for my film - VOLUNTARY

			   						 							 							 						 						 				 					 						 							Hi guys! I live in the UK and I am working on a film which I  completely finance myself. It is a small production and I do most of teh  work myself. We have some great voluntary actors helping us and  everybody who is helping us is doing it voluntary. We have started  filming as well and because everything is on volutary base, it all takes  a bit longer than normal.  I am looking for somebody who can help me  with 2 scenes that need to be 3D CG. They need to be photorealistic  renders and animated. 1 scene is not too complicated as it is 2 planes  flying over (I have started work on the model already myself), but the  other scene is big. If you are interested in helping me, let me know. It  will be an opertunity for youself as well as you will have my film as  reference for your work when it is finished, Again, remember that all  this is on voluntary base. I hope to hear from you soon!

All the best, Frank.

Have you read the sticky at the head of this section ?

What’s wrong with his request? I think its a fairly reasonable request. The only thing I would add is perhaps a brief description of what the bigger scene entails. The first is two planes flying over so the second scene is what…

Wouldn’t mind some you-tube footage of your WIP. The task you want is easy - there are lots of free 3d meshes of airplanes on the internet.

Just a friendly reminder to help him try to avoid some of the flak that these requests attract.