New to this forum and fairly new to 3D and blender. After e few modells I finally found my way in to sculpting. This is my second sculpt.

it looks very solid. welcome to the forums.

hey the sculpt is really good

how did u render it? we probably could help you to make it an awesome render!

Thanks guys!
Rendered with cycles 300 samples.
I took a short cut with the materials and made a few different material renders. Then I mask-painted what ever colors I wanted in photoshop.

well, to start you should try mixing nodes and make a mix between diffuse and glossy so the end result will present specular, making it more relevant to the eye and it will feel more “natural” too

something like this

forget about the red rectangle, I just took this image from the internet so i dont know what purpose has, but this is a regular setup to mix glossy and diffuse

Thanks Alvaro!