Change animation speed without changing frame rate?

I just made a running animation, but it’s a bit too slow.
I boosted the Animation Frame Rate up to 60, (is that too high? Could it cause any sort of instability?)
and now my “Gun Aiming” is too quick.

Can I edit either of these without having to redo them, or tamper with the Animation Frame Rate?
There MUST be another way… :eyebrowlift2:


I know this works in, you know, normal Blender. I don’t know anything about the game engine, but…

  • Open the Dope sheet
  • select all
  • scale x

If it’s too slow, shrink it; if it’s too fast, expand it.

Ah, that’s awesome!
Always use the Timeline, never would’ve figured it out…

Thank you! :yes:


A neat trick
Keypress w-------------------and-------------- Assign property Animation=.5

if Property “Animation” min:.5 max:59.5---------and--------add .5 to Property “Animation”

if Property “Animation” =min 60 max 62------------and-------------Property Assign Animation 0

if Property not equal 0--------------and------------Action Property

if Shiftkey--------------------------and------------Property Animation add .5
if property:min.5 max 59.5------/

so w plays the animation 1-60

Shift plays it 2X faster

(great for sprinting etc)