Change camera icon?

Unfortunately …I simply loath the camera icon in blender.
Would it be possible to change that icon with something made by your own, or if there is any script or alternative out there to change it?

Something along this…
Camera icon

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I like this one better… hehehe

But yeah, I believe that to change this you’d need to dig into the blender code, find those curves/splines or whatever that is, replace them, then compile blender yourself etc…

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I can sort of understand they wanted to make it as non obtrusive as possible, but it is also more confusing for newbies or distinguising from other types of elements, we already got a typical camera icon in the object properties, which resembles the classical icon.

At least I could change color from default uggly black to the more highlighted yellow color.

Not sure what the hotkey is for 2.8x, but in 2.79 you’re able to set any object as the active camera by selecting it and pressing Ctrl+0. Try doing that and then saving it as your startup file.

You would need to change the field area to be dotted, it´s not an element per say :slight_smile:

Nice…thanks, will look in to that once I create my prefered camera icon.
Shortcuts are irrelevant, you can go to view cameras set active object as camera.

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My cam widget gives me more freedom…

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That´s great, but it´s just the functionality and that is of course great, nothing to do with the display of it…it still should be dotted to further emphazie it´s a field of view.
Would it be possible to use your gizmo/widget?

The problem with making object active as camera, is that the camera object it will be in the way of the camera view display.
And it will not be in desired color either, since it will take on the wireframe of every other object wireframe in preferences.

I wipped up a camera object made in Lightwave …used as active camera object.

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Didn´t anyone have a script or solution for it?
I find that creating a camera as the active object not feasable, it is in the way of the actual viewport when that is set, plus you can not set camera widget icon colors properly.

Another vote here for a camera icon that looks like a camera. I come from 15 years of Maya and I look at Blender’s “camera” and can’t even tell which way it’s oriented. I see it inside-out a lot of times.

A way to replace the default camera permanently would be nice.

Exactly, and not just the cam shape, but it´s default black wire agains a pretty dark grey viewport…what where they thinking on.
Sure we can adjust it as we like in preferences for colors that is, but why o why not just adapt a better color scheme for the icon of the camera and light, (and yes, the light icon is horrible as well)