Change focal length?

I am new to blender (less than two weeks since I started using it). I see that the camera has a focal length of 35mm. I have found where this value can be changed, but I don’t see any difference in either the camera view or the rendered image. Is there a way to actually change the camera’s focal length to get a wide angle or telephoto view?

Blender 2.56.0 r34076
Windows 7, 64bit
Intel Core i7 970 (6 cores) @3.2Gz
12 GB ram

Do you not see a difference with the camera view when you change the focal length number ?


No. There’s no difference. I can change the number in the lens field but it has no effect on the view nor the render.

Make sure you’re looking through the camera. Pressing NumPad 0 (zero) gives you the camera view. If you have more than one camera, you should select the camera you want and press CTRL+NumPad 0.
The only other possibility that I can imagine is that you’re in Orthographic view, but that’s unlikely as when you’re in Orthographic view the Focal Length option disappears…

There are two focal length settings. One is in the view tab of the properties tab (the one you get with the N key in 3D view) and it affects the perspective view but not the camera. The other is in camera properties and affects the camera but not the perspective view in 3D view.

OK. I am in perspective view, not orthographic. I have only the one (default) camera and I am using camera view (keypad 0). So those things are OK. But where do you find the properties for the camera? If I press “N” I get the properties for the regular 3D view.

the properties for the camera used in the 3dview port when you are viewing through the camera-view is located where Richard Marklew suggests. Maybe show us some screenshots with an example of what parameters you are modifying and what viewport you expect them to be visible in.

You need to have a properties window open (One of the basic window types). Select the camera in Object mode in 3D view and click on the camera icon in the properties window to access camera properties.

Thank you. I have found it under “object data” when the camera is selected as the object. As I said, I’ve only installed Blender a couple of weeks ago and there is a big learning curve, especially since I’ve never used any type of modeling or rendering software before. Thanks again!