Change Scale without affecting Dimensions?

For whatever reason, UE4 looks at export scale regarding clothing physics… so if I export things at 1.0 scale the cloth is treated as being incredibly large and heavy, so it doesn’t move at all, I guess.

Given that strange issue, I need to export my cloth-bearing files with the same dimensions, but tiny scale (like 0.01). The problem is I have to manually scale them to 0.01, then edit their size in Edit mode, I’d rather just change the scale without affecting the dimensions. Is this possible?

Not directly, but you can put all your vertices in a vertex group, make an Empty at the object’s origin (also copy the orientation) and add a Hook modifier on the object, using the Empty as object and the vertex group as influence. This way, so long as the Empty stays at original unit scale, you can scale your object but the vertices will stay put.

how about going into edit mode and changing the dim of the mesh data

this keeps the scale constant
but object dim changes!

happy bl

That’s actually the opposite of what I’m trying to do but thanks lol. Stan_Pancakes’ solution works.