change sound?

Is there a way that i can change the sound in game like an option menu. Can I do it without python, instead with logic bricks?

Change the sound in-game? What does that mean? Like change to sound in a logic brick? Or the sound’s volume? Or what?

Oh, okay. I see what you mean, sorry. But to change the sounds volume.

Nope, pretty sure you have to use python, and the aud module.

Too bad, I just though of a way but it would require TONS of properties and logic bricks, so it’s out of the picture anyway.

Could you describe how this is done in python? I was looking at theaud library, but I’m still confused. How do you get a song from your music folder to play through the sound actuator? (change the sound from one audio file to another)

Would it be something like this?:
soundActuator.sound = aud.Factory(‘music.ogg’)

EDIT: After searching, I found a website with a tutorial on how to do this.