Change the default order of menu options?

I recently switched from a pre-BMesh build to the latest Blender release. I’ve been pretty happy about the additions to the Blender toolset. However, some additions have caused changes to menu order (I have Ctrl-E in mind, specifically). At work, I mostly model and texture, so those tools are very important to me and my workflow. Having the menu order for “mark seam” and “clear seam” change from 3/4 to 6/7 is a big jump away from the letter ‘E’. Actually, it’s a huge jump, it’s the difference between instinctively selecting the correct keys without interrupting focus/workflow to requiring a look at the keyboard in order to hit the correct option or having to select the option with the cursor… both are not optimal.

So my question is:
Can I customize the order of menu popups to increase the efficiency of my workflow? If so, would somebody please offer a link or explanation? If scripting is a requirement, that’s perfectly fine. If taking you out for beers afterward is a requirement, I’ll see you at 6.

Thanks in advance!

Edit the file called In my OSX installation it is in the scripts/startup folder of your blender installation.

This is the part that calls the Ctrl+E menu, just change the order of the operators


That was everything I needed and worked like a charm! I’m actually excited to push around a few other operations I use often.

Thanks, Richard!