Change the filename associated with a VSE strip?

I’m working on a project using the VSE to string some footage together and apply some effects. Apparently I forgot to check the box for relative paths when I imported all of the movie clips.

Well long story short, now that I’m working on a different machine it can’t load the files because the path isn’t the same. The images are still in the same relative directory, though.

I’m guessing that I have no option but to remove each strip and add it back in with the relative paths button checked to fix the issue, but I’m hoping that there is some script or secret option I’ve been unable to locate that I can get blender to use to swap the path of that file around? Essentially I need to remove some path elements from the path stored, as I originally created the thing in a directory structure that’s identical except that it’s buried a few levels deeper.

I’ve done some searching but I can’t seem to find anything that would apply.

You may need a newer (SVN) version of blender.

On 2.44, there’s nothing I can do about the situation.
On 2.45.10 (built 5th Dec) I can just goto Strip->Remap paths

I Haven’t got vanilla 2.45 to test it out, so don’t know if it’s in the official release of 2.45

Here’s a couple of nice new, steaming-fresh builds.
Zoologique: Translated version of Zoologique’s download page
Graphicall: Recent + Optimized builds

Woo… it’s not there in the official release, but that sounds like enough to make me stop being lazy and pull down the latest version!

Thanks for the tip!