change vertex color display in edit mode (not Vcol)

any chance i could change the individual color of the vertex dot? say on a given vert or sets of vert, much like an edge would change color if you use it as a uv seam or use edge crease on it.

i’m trying to improve the frozen verts feature on the ice tools, by showing the frozen verts in different colors. i think this will also create a problem on changing the verts to its original color (theme related?)

Basically no, you would need to do this in the C draw code, and even that is very tricky. See gaia’s patch for weights, which colors vertices in editmode based on vertex weight:

You could disable the drawing of vertices however, and draw them yourself in the desired colors with a modal operator. Bmesh custom data layers could store the color per vertex.

gives me an idea, thnx.