Change window resolution

Hi all,

is there a way to change a window to a specific resolution.
I can use the command prompt to start blender with a resoluton (blender.exe -p sy sx w h ) but the size goes not smaller than the splash screen rsolution.
Maybe there is a command to start blender without a splash screen to get a smaller resolution.

Ok i disabled the splash screen but the minimum window resolution stick to the splash screen size…how can i get a smaller resolution?.

The main goal is to get a window that has a specific resolution and position.
Any help is appreciated

Autohotkey is a solution.
Unfortunatly blender window size limit in Height is 193 px. + the stripe where you can drag the window with 38 px.
Also left and right seams a border with -9 px so when you want a window with 1920 px you need 1920 + 18 px.
Here is the AutoHotkey script.

ResizeWin(XX = 0,YY = 0,Width = 0,Height = 0)
  If %Width% = 0
	Width := W

  If %Height% = 0
	Height := H



To run the script use Window+Alt+u button.

what do you need so small blender window for?

Thanks for interest,

it is for a led sreen window.
The led software has a screen capture window which represents the led matrix, it captures everything which is below the window.
The screen capture window should have the same ratio like the led matrix.
Imagine i have a led matrix with 10 stripes 200 led per stripe and i want to use the whole sceen with 1920 px i need a height of (10/200*1920 px) 96 pixel to get the same ratio.
Fortunatly the camera in blender can handle any size so its not a problem.

I mean this small window is not for work it only reprents the led pixels that the screen capture window see.

Hope you understand my problem.

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