Changes in 2.35? (2)

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I thought that I’d start a thread on discussing the new features and fixes in 2.35. This includes asking questions on a new or repaired feature. This would be something that you may not find on the 2.35 release log or you want further discussion of it.



Under the file menu: Dump 3d View and Dump screen. What do these do?


I don’t know if this was fixed or just started working for me. But it has not worked on my computer since about Ver. 2.26.

One of my favorite key combos is back "Shift-Alt -A” Simultaneous running “Real time” of an animation. My typical setup has four to five windows open. A camera view, front view, IPO, Action and sometimes NLA window depending on the need. When you press “Shift-Alt-A” all open windows will run at the same time thus allowing you to watch the IPO and animation at the same time.

Dump screen:
Takes a screenshoot of the blender 3d appilcation @ work
Dump 3d View:
Takes the 3D Window in Blender and creates a snapshoot.


Thanks, that’s a great feature!

For anyone else reading this - when you save the file give it a JPG extension ex filename.jpg

will blender ever be to save image files without the user having to type in the extesion? Would be nice.

will blender ever be to save image files without the user having to type in the extesion? Would be nice.

yes, that does get annoying (especially when you are animating with jpegs)…

but if i remember correctly, blender 2.33a had something like that, if only for jpegs…


Just turn on the Extension option in the Scene settings.


aahhh!!! what happened to extrude??

Aah!! What happened to reading release logs?!
%| :stuck_out_tongue:


I do have to say, though… it would make much more sense if “normals” extrude was an option enabled when hitting a certain key during extrude, like the way hitting x, y, or z is.
Most of the time I do not want to extrude on normals. Hitting g all the time sucks. Hitting g and THEN x is just silly.


I tried that but it did not add the extension for the Dump feature.

(F-10) Scene EXT button

darn, u got to hit g everytime? pain. What about the OSA fixes we were supposed to get. Did we get them?

No, this works only with individual images when rendering an animation.