changin the blender color scheme?

hello everyone
i might be posting this in the wrong place and if i am im sorry.
My question is i have lately seen alot of blender users have different color schemes for there blender window.I still have no idea how they do that and im embaressed for asking this question which all of you probably know:o !but still,can someone point out to me how i may change the color scheme of my blender window?

Go to the user preferences window (pull down from top of screen) and click on the themes button. Change away! Also, there are pre made themes available for download. When you are satisfied with your scheme, save it with Cntrl+U (Save default settings). You can also save themes seperately, I forget just how at the moment, but a search (or other member) should be able to help you in this.

In the scripts menu ‘export’ 2.42a there is “Save Current Theme” function.
This saves your theme as a Python file for safe keeping. You can then open this “your” file in the text editor (run as python script) whenever you re-install Blender to change to your favorite theme.
Google search ‘Blender Themes’ brings up links to some great theme repositories.