Changing all the object texture brightness as once


Stupid question time !

I use Blender to import satellite photogrammetry. It ends up as a scene of multiple objects all with textures overlaying the surfaces.

All that process is fine, and I can export them as a “region” for use in a World simulation

Unfortunately, the satellite imagery is subject to time of day and weather differences so varies in light levels and contrasts so dont always merge great.

Currently i post-process the textures outside of Blender to change the levels but as I batch process them I dont see the changes realtime - they end up being hit and miss and recompliing my simulator World takes 10 minutes so its a long process to get adjacent regions to blend in

Is there a way to take all those objects and change brightness, colour saturation etc.

As you may guess, i am not a Blender professional, its a means to an end for my workflow.

Thank you Blender peoples !

You can change the levels as well as contrast and many other things, but it would still be hit or miss if you’re trying to change all of them at the same time…individually, it would not be a problem and you can even set up your image editor to load from Blender…
So if you had several that needed to be tweaked you could “edit image externally” from the image editor and either batch process a few out of many and reload the images to check if they are correct…all done before you export to your simulation…

Just a simple example of manipulating a series of images imported as Planes…

But just like using your external image editor, it needs to be done 1 at a time…

How many images you are working with at one time will be a major factor!!

Hi, thank you,

For context, in this last region I have 1287 objects with a total of 2500 texture files. about 2.3M faces to control the brightness and colour, hence the desire to do this “region wide”

That covers about a square mile of the simulator World which we are just gradually expanding the discoverable world for users. It’s not global, but there will be a few of them making it worthwhile me finding the simplest solution i can.

What i really need is to borrow Google Earth rendering engine :slight_smile:

I figured it would be something along those lines!
I would more than likely do the same as you and batch process but in multiple batches…
Those that need to be Brighter and those that need darker and then perhaps an overall process to equalize the bunch, take all the images and do a sampling of the images to categorize…would still be a task but would save time overall.

Would love to see an end result!

Thank you for your further advice, much appreciated.

The app is for risk assessment in urban canyons - something JFK could have done with !

Security teams will prep a visit and their coverage based on a VR assessment.

Not sure i can share as the level of detail would be considered sensitive - but i will see what i can do, even if its just a video.

Ahhh No problem then I worked with GRASS for a time and understand fully!
I was thinking along the lines of just a portion of your texture file Just to see what they looked like… No big deal…