changing axis

(inka) #1


Is it possible to change the axis of an object, and if, can I correct it dependent on the axis of another objet i.e. an empty?

Tanks, Ingo

(Enzoblue) #2

In the edit buttons right hand side there’s Centre and Centre new buttons. Centre moves the mesh to the axis, centre new moves the axis to the mesh.

Is that what you mean?

(inka) #3

I think no, because this function only moves the centre, or an object to another object, doesn’t it?

But in the edit buttons on the left side, there’s a grey button called “Axis”. Pressing it, it shows the axis of the selected object. And I need to change this axis for exactly the same object.


(Phrangkk) #4

first “alt-r” clear any rotation so that the axes of the object correspond to the world axes
with the object selected and the show axis option active,
enter edit mode and press “a” to select all of the vertices
“r” to rotate the vertices until the the axes line up the way you want them.

hope this does what you want.

(inka) #5

Hmm, I figured out, if I change into edit mode, select all vertices and rotate, then I can rotate until the relation between object and it’s axis is good enough. But because the axis can’t be seen in editmode, it’s bound to try, try, try. A function, maybe similar to the one mentioned above for the centre, would be quite good for axis too.

So, if somebody knows a better way, I will be happy to learn it.


(inka) #6

Oh, we posted at the same moment. Then I looked how alt-r works. The rest I did as you suggested.

Thanks, Ingo