changing blender units to imperial

I know where to change the units from none to imperial, but what number should I set it to If I want 16th of an an inch. thats probable the smallest I will need. is there a chart for this? what is 1.00 relate to?

not working with fraction as I know of
but you could set the grid in viewport to 16 lines per inch in imperial units

but might be able to enter like = 3/16 !

happy bl

you just gave me an Idea, Turn fractions into decimals.
It may take some time but I could make a chart out of that.
Maybe others would be interested in it.
Thank you.

don’t really need to just enter as = 3/16 or = 45/64
no table needed

happy bl

Notation such as 1’ 3-1/4" works too.