Changing Camera Angles during Realtime

(Riskbreaker) #1

Does anyone know how?

I’ve set up multiple cameras around a scene. I want the scene to change cameras at a specific time/event.

Is this possible?

(OTO) #2

Try with the Near or Collision sensor linked to a Set Camera Actuator or with a Timer property.
Once i’ve made a little demo with ± the same behavior.
It’s here if you want to check:

(just make the perso walk with the arrow keys)


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I tried to open the zip and it tells me to download the file again. Downloaded it twice…and still errors. Is there a tutorial where I can read up on this?

(Hirpo) #4

Use messages. Maybe you could use a timer-property, (for time of day, or countdown-timer…) or a logicbrick like:

                          prop: trigger
                               collision AND 
                subject: Trigger1

(Riskbreaker) #5

I understand the brick setup, but i dont understand how this affects any cameras?
And this timer property sounds interesting…how do i go about using it?
I probably should have mentioned that i only know the bare minimum of the realtime engine and Logicbricks (Ok…i know almost nothing about them).

So far what i’ve tried is have 5 emptys named 1,2,3,4 and IPO.
I gave IPO keyframes at 250 frame intervals to total of 1000.
I also gave it an Always->AND->IPO:Loop End
Aswell as 4 bricks each NEAR: Prop#->AND->Scene:Set Camera
Empties 1-4 have properties named 1-4 (respectively).
And that doesnt work.

(OTO) #6

If you use IPO (if that will work??) you’ll rely on fps, and this change with each computer.

I don’t have tried this, but here’s my idea.
First (read the basic manua…just kidding) start a timer property, in the begining of the game.
Add an empty or wathever and ADD a TIMER property to it
Now you’ll have the same “reference value” in all computers

Them each time you want an action to hapens, let’s say at 100 link a property Sensor that search the timer property linked to a ex: Scene actuator


(Riskbreaker) #7

Arrrrgghhh :x

What the hell am i doing wrong!?

I’ve tried to do with OTO’s idea of a timer, but i cant work it.

Can anyone tell me where Im going wrong?

(Save target…or whatever)
Timer test

(OTO) #8

Well, another try :slight_smile:

Select the Empty, Add a Property Sensor with the name of the timer property in the Prop field and an ex: Min 5 Max 6. Link this to a And and a Message Actuator with a name in the subject field

Now in Camera delete the Property sensor and Add a Message Actuator with the SAME name as the other above and keep set camera Actuator Cam1.

Enable the little D in the Timer property and in the Game menu enable the Debug this way you can check if properties are running.

Now press P. Normally when the timer count reachs 5 the camera view will change.

To change to other cams just add more message Actuators to the empty ex Interval Min 10 Max 11 and add Message Sensor to each cam

Now i’m not a programer, i guess that’s not good to have a timer prop running forever. You must have a switch to turn it on/off.
But it’s another story


(Riskbreaker) #9

Sweet custard pie, you’ve done it!!! :o

Oh man, I cant tell you how much i appreciate this help :smiley:
Its 4:29 AM (where I am) and I couldn’t sleep until I figured this out.
Now I can sleep. :smiley:

Thanx for the great help OTO :smiley: