Changing character in game

Hello everyone,

This is my first post so i hope its not a silly one, I have just started using the blender game engine and I have already started creating my first game after reading a lot of tutorials.:slight_smile:

The problem is, I cant seem to work out how to change a character into say, a car when the player touches it to drive it around. Or even, is it possible to get the player and car animated so that the player opens the door and gets in?:confused:

Thanks for your help

There are a lot of different ways to do that. Mostly the car is becoming the keyboard controlled object, the character no longer needed. If your going to see him later, then you might want to make him invisible and not respond to keyboard controls, or you might just want to end him with an end object. You might need to change camera to behind the car and then maybe change a property so the car responds to the keyboard instead of the player. Doing things like that are easier if you know python because there are getting to be quite a few logical choices to be made. You may be able to do it with logic bricks, but it’s going to get messy and hard to know what your logic flow is all about.

Ok, so i could set the person invisible when he touches the car and switch the camera. But how would I enable the cars controls via the person and disable the persons controls?

Properties!!! :smiley: hehehe

You can have a Bool property with False on it, and have a property Sensor, have it with the bool set to “False” and connect it to every one of the player’s Controllers. This will only make the controls work if the property is on false. Now when you go to a car and press a certain key, assign the bool property to “True” and have all the controllers for the car connected to that.
All you have to do now is have the same bool property go to False when you get out of the car.

I applaud your first post.