Changing Colors

Hey guys…and girls…Im new to the forum, and really I only have one question. Whenever I do an action in blender (rotate, click buttons, mouseover, select, etc.) the whole freakin screen changes colors, sorta like a gradual fade to the next. Im talkin the WHOLE SCREEN, properties, options and all. So is it just me? please tell me theres a way to fix it, its REALLY annoying when Im tryin to learn this thing:confused:

What OS and what graphics card?

Windows XP and runnin a 256mb ATI Radeon 9250

Search this forums for ATI problems. For sure that you’ll find an answer. I cannot help you. Sorry.

FIXED! yay! im soooo happy now. Just for future reference, if anyone else has this hugely annoying problem with an ATI graphics card, just go into the control center and turn up your refresh rate…