Changing FPS to new value for an animation

I started playing with Blender a few days ago and have been making a small animation. I created it with fps=5 so that I could get the timing of keyframes correct. Now I would like to change to fps=30 but keep my keyframes equivalent in real time, for smoother movement. Is there a way to do this easily? Basically, for all key info, new_keyframe_frame = (current_keyframe_frame - 1) * 6 + 1.

Is there a better way to do ‘test’ animations? Something like creating the animation at 30fps but only rendering every i’th frame at i fps, or locking keyframes to real time rather than frames?

In the buttons window header there is a menu named Panels.

Then Panels -> Scene -> Animation brings up a Panel where you can map your old frames per second to your new frames per second without changing the speed of the animation.


Ahhhhh - thanks. I had seen that panel at some point but was only using the Scene/Render/Anim buttons lately.