Changing inherit rotation during animation

I am wondering how to swith into inherit rotation but keep the visual transforms so that for example the head doesn’t flip back to its original position when you change the inherit rotation.


  1. I rotate the neck 30° clockwise. Inherit rotation is checked so the head follows.
  2. I would like to rotate the neck back, however I would like to keep the rotation of the head as it was in prev frame. If I uncheck inherit rotation and give it a key than the head flips back.

Any idea how this problem can be handled without counter animating the head?



Anyone? Or is it clear what I want to ask?

Your rig needs to be set up to do this. You cannot switch that property during your animation. You can rig a custom property to do this though.

Around the 9 minute mark he will explain how to do this with the “socket” rig. I suggest you look at all of the videos if you are new to rigging.

Thanks, that was what I needed! These videos are really great.