Changing material doesn’t work in shading mode

Did somebody have such problem?
It’s my pin in Solid mode

And it’s my pin in Shading mode

I try to add a material to my pin but color doesn’t change. It’s still invisible.
Same problem I have with my previous projects even if I open them in old versions of Blender.
But the interesting thing is I can see material in Rendering Cycles mode.

Hi and welcome to BlenderArtists!

The screenshot shows symptoms similar, if not exactly alike, to issues people with AMD graphics cards are having. If you are using an AMD GPU, see if downgrading your video drivers to a version before 20.11.2 helps to resolve the problem. That’s a driver issue and AMD has been working these past months on a possible fix.

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Thanks for your help! After installing 20.11.1 version of video driver my problem was solved

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