Changing materials on linked objects?

Hi all,

Is there any way to alter materials on linked objects without altering the source file? Say if I wanted to have red/blue/yellow versions of an object, it seems absurd to need red/blue/yellow versions of the source file to link from. Alternately, are there any cheats or workarounds, or ways to do this with Python scripts?


Yes, click the little “number button” at the side of material’s name, it’ll make “single user”.

Yes, like OTO said, if you have multiple objects and you have Blender set to keep the same materials as you duplicate (there is a setting for what get’s duplicated if you open up the information and options screen) then as OTO said you can click the little numbered button on the materials as pointed out in the example. This will make a copy of the material that is linked only to this object.

The other way of doing the same thing is to select the object in object mode and hit U and select Materials + Tex.