Changing Multiple Materials

Looked around but I couldn’t find an answer to this one. Say I have 300 objects and 3 groups of 100 objects have a different material. What is the easiest way to change all of these materials to 1 material without having the find and change them all individually? Thanks.

select all objects and hit ctrl L for links menu then select ‘materials’

I know that that is method for selecting all of the objects with the same material. But when I do that, it doesn’t seem to help me change the material of these objects. If I get this group and change the material, only the first selected material seems to change; the rest remain what they were.

You need to select all objects and then Shft-RMB (box select doesn’t work for this as it doesn’t make it Active) the one with the Material you want to copy (it must be light pink so it’s the Active Object). Then Ctrl-L >> Materials will link from the Active object to all others selected.


Thanks, that’s it.

Modron, I misread your post and thought that you were referring to the Shift+L functions that selects all objects. My bad. :expressionless: