Changing particle size during its life [help]

Hello, people!
I´m trying to animate a moving emitter objects and make the particles grow during its life. ujin already asked how to change these kind of settings in this thread. Is it possible yet in 2.5? Thanks in advance.

Add an object of the desired shape for your particle (e.g. a sphere) and animate it over a number of frames equal to the particle’s lifespan. You can make it grow or shrink however you want.
Then, in the particle system tab, visualization panel choose object in the first dropdown menu and write down the name of your particle object in the OB field.

Thanks for your reply ejeroel. I tried that but it is not what i meant. I´ll try to explain myself better:
Let´s figure I want to make the spheres/particles “born” with a certain (small) size and start growing till “death”. If you set the total number of particles (ie.: 75) and make particles have 25 frames of life I guess Blender divides the number into the frames and emits 3 particles per frame. The problem is that if you “pre-animate” the particle-object, particles emited at, say, frame 14 will born with the size that corresponds to that frame. What I need is that each particle borns small and start growing. I´m trying to figure how to do that (somehow setting kinda “local time” to the particle object… ).