Changing stereo mode within game

I try to change the stereo mode from a menu, before playing game.
I cannot find how to in the GE API.

With the palyer: you can add the following in your command:
-s: start player in stereo
stereomode: hwpageflip (Quad buffered shutter glasses)
syncdoubling (Above Below)
sidebyside (Left Right)
anaglyph (Red-Blue glasses)
vinterlace (Vertical interlace for autostereo display)

Of course, if I save 5 times my ‘game.blend’ file with proper options, my ‘menu.blend’ can launch each of them.
But this takes 5 times more place on disk, and if I want to improve ‘game.blend’, I must copy / paste it 5 times too.

Does someone knows if it’s possible through a python script ?

Im not sure if stereo mode even works, Iv been trying to get it working for ages but without getting anywhere so if you do find out, please tell me :wink:

Easy to configure:
F10 in buttons Tabs (scene)
then game framing settings.
no stereo ->standard game
Anaglyph -> red : blue glasses ( easy to find or make blue red glasses)
Side by side: you need the kind of viewer we used when we were kids to watch those pictures

And so on, for your nvidia glasses… 120 hz monitor 5 i do not have it, so in this mode, it is very tiring for your eyes.

it’s funny to watch your “game” that goes out out your screen.

And I try to change these settings with a python script.
(In my menu, i have made 5 entries, and do not want to duplicate my blend file, but I do not find how to, I shall duplicate it: this method works well.)

May be I could find information in a pdf version of the GE API, because searching in html is not friendly.