Changing the Unit Increments?

I am following a tutorial, and during one part, I am supposed to move my selection by 0.1 Blender Units up & left. I understand how to use CTRL, SHIFT, etc., but he somehow has it to where holding CTRL will increment it by 0.1, while mine does it by 1.0 even with CTRL held down.

I’ve looked through user preferences and the interface, but the closest thing I found is under the Scene tab where it says Units. This does seem to alter the grid, but I don’t want to screw anything up.

Thanks in advance.

In orthographic view the increment while holding Ctrl moves with the current grid increment

In perspective view with default grid scale of 1 (in properties panel under Display settings), holding Ctrl moves in 1.0 increments and holding Ctrl+Shift moves in 0.1 increments