changing to stereo

Just wondering if there is a python script that can let you change to stereo view in game
i am guessing no


Which version? I know in Blender 2.5 that if you go over options it shows a python script, I gues it would work for in-game use (with adding some stuff to it). I’m not really a Python expert, far from that.

Here you can find it in Blender 2.49b.


Hg1, i think you misunderstood, i mean changing from 3d view to stereo while the game is playing and switching back to 3d view. Just giving the viewer a choice. I can’t wait for the stable 2.5 to be released


I think it is not possible to change in game to 3D viewing mode in Blender 2.49b and Blender 2.5x. You can only change the eye seperation in game. You can use the blenderplayer and generate a batch file in blender to start Blender next time in normal or in stereo mode.