Chaos Emergency -ZOMBIE`s are in

60fps 1080p 2xAA when not recording

UPDATE #1-Added new vehicles.
-Added new Buildings
-Added new Aiming system
-Added new props

Come take a look at a inside look on “Chaos Emergency” as i show you a sneak peak of what i been
up too and a closer look at some of the models, and big shout out too @BluePrintRandom for the
help hes put into my aiming system, so yeah much props to you mate for giving me that boost.

What to expect soon

  • The undead and civilians, rats and birds and dogs.
  • BioWeapons bosses and experiments.
  • Traffic signs and Lights
  • SkyDome.
  • More environment props.
  • More Original music by myself

I will be doing a full commentary video soon discussing my plans for the game and going a bit more
in depth if the game get more attention. Stay tuned :slight_smile:

Needs some AO shader. And you could even use this ->

Needs cycles baked global illumination!:slight_smile:

Graphical beautiful aspect. Following the project from the beginning.
What script used for TPS?

Thanks for following, i know its taking time but with a team of 2 people :) There is no TPS script as there is nobody who has one that is willing to share, so its built from the ground up with me and blueprint.

Yes there will be a holster animation soon @Thatimster :slight_smile:
keep tuned :slight_smile:

-Shoot animation and sound added
-Reload animation and sound added
-Magazine count and clip count added
-Smoother aiming

Nice! I like the animations, they look kinda smooth!:wink:

Ok, no spagetti = Controller -> pipes control input events to actor

actor uses move filter to apply movement and actions

Move filter initates gun firing

No ammo check or reload yet :smiley:

(I did alot of coding in 1 night)

Coming alone nicely blue :slight_smile:

want me to shoot you the latest file ?

I want you to understand it, so you can add new weapons or even usable game items like health packs.

I need to soft code the aiming animation, (so shotgun plays a different aim then rifle and rocket launcher etc)
but I can just use the same code that plays the reload etc,

Wicked man, amazing work so far :slight_smile:
Yeah shoot me one over, i want the inventory a pick up kinda like this one i made.

Witch i will implement later on bro :slight_smile:

New props and train station entrance added.

I don’t know how this project got past me the first time… great updates can’t wait to see the next phase :wink:

Did some ik stuff, added gun empty sound trigger ,

I am thinking of adding activate item in the system,

so you hold ctrl, and the mouse pops up,
if you mouse over a usable object, and its close enough,
move a point light to the mouse over surface.

if you left click a puzzle or button etc, activate that thing,
if its ammo, pick it up etc.

giving the artist the tools to add all kinds of things,

I guess I will have to do similar stuff to weapons in In-Dome like BPR does for Chaos Emergency. However, I will have to modify my inventory script than.

this is pretty simple

in player
collision with pickupitem-------------and----------add overlay
if overlay=False--------------------------/___---------overlay =True

if overlay=True-------python

if collision pick up invert--------------and----------remove overlay
if overlay true-----------------------------/

and if the overlay is true, and key is pressed pick up ammo,

the same python that the collects the amm on keypress, can send a message to the overlay of what object from the overlay scene to display.(it will be blank for 1 frame)

Yeah this first time around nobody was showing interest and second time got better, but this is the third time
and i think its lucky ;) Keep a eye on this project because its going to get better :slight_smile:

Found a game engine bug :frowning:

for some reason duplicated guns light point does not work correctly (it’s like it loses the path to it)

it was a pain, because it just made the gun not work,
without throwing a error,

good news?
worked around it already and uses less resources :smiley:

the player add the lamp each frame (you can only have 1 copy anyway)

meaning , before, 10 guns = 10 lamps


10 guns = 1 lamp :stuck_out_tongue:

adding 1 lamp every frame uses less resources then 3 lamps sitting around :smiley:

also, now the laser color can be adjusted in game :smiley: