Char animators & Prop/scene modellers needed for project (established studio)

EDIT: Applications closed for now. Thanks for your responses! :slight_smile:

Hi folks. I’m in need of modellers and animators: particularly for a project on at the moment (delivering in a couple of months), but I’m ideally looking for relationships, not one night stands.

I am Push Pictures: a UK based studio; been using Blender for years now, along with Houdini and After Effects. I do a diverse range of stuff, from shiny product promos to character-driven stuff. Best to have a look at a couple of vids to see what sort of things I’ve done recently: VIMEO

The project I need help with is large scale (well, for me): around 8 minutes long, an internal corporate training video. Two main characters plus a dozen or so background ones. Lots of walking and talking, with background characters in offices / labs.

I intend to split things up into relatively small tasks. It means I can use some as paid try-outs (here’s £50 - how much can you set-dress this scene in however long you feel £50 is worth of your time) without too much risk, but it also means I can hopefully get to know quite a few Blender artists out there. If you’ve only got evenings free, that could work fine. If you’re shit-hot and available, I can probably keep you employed for a few weeks. Fast turnaround’s the key.

Tasks / skills:

  • background scene and prop modelling. Medium-low level of detail, all hard surface. There’s minimal texturing; mostly flat toon/diff shaders
  • character modellers/riggers to create additional background characters based on the existing foreground ones. New hairstyles (solid shapes), new clothes etc.
  • animators for both background and foreground characters. Much of the action is walking and talking, and the characters have fairly simple rigs. Animatic and audio file will be provided.

Look / feel of both modelling/texturing, and the character animation itself, has already been established, so you’d need to be able to work within that creative look. Example model/anim blends will be provided so you can have see what I’m after. For the animation, that means relatively subtle stuff: the characters need to be expressive but not overly exaggerated/cartoony (Won’t look like this, but the animation style will be a little similar to


This is paid work. I typically pay between £100-£300/day, depending on the artist’s skill and speed: to start with we’d negotiate a rate for a particular task, and see how it goes from there.

And I promise I’ll always pay you within a working day of receiving your invoice, for any work delivered as agreed, even if it’s a tiny task. Best way to keep a relationship sweet.

Note there’ll be no rendering involved - I’ll handle that here.


The final video won’t be put online - it’s for internal use. That said, for modellers, I’ll provide you with stills showing your work in situ, and for animators, I’ll provide you with excerpt clips. You can freely display them in your portfolio/website as long as they carry the client-approved copyright text I’ll provide. And while I’ll take ownership/copyright of your work once I’ve paid you - this is work for hire, and I have to hand over copyright to the client at the end - you’ll be listed in the credits anywhere the credits are listed. The client will own the work, but you have the right to say which bits you did.

Next steps:

If you’re interested, drop me a line at [email protected].
To start with, I need to know:

  • your real name (!) and an email address
  • where in the world you are (timezone)
  • what your current status is (freelancer / moonlighting / student / hobbyist etc)
  • what skills you think you can bring to the party
  • what your availability is over the next couple of months (ie how many hours/day you have available, what commitments you have)
  • … and some examples of your work. Make sure it’s clear what you did: if you animated a character but didn’t model it, that’s fine, as long as I know.

I’ll try and get back to you next Monday (23rd April 2018), and within a working day thereafter.
If your work looks like it could fit with what the project needs, I’ll send you an NDA to read/sign, and then I can let you see the storyboards / test animations etc. Then if all is well I’ll suggest a task and we can negotiate a fee.

Again, drop me a line at [email protected] - please don’t PM me - I may not see your message. That said, I’ll try and keep an eye on this post and will do my best to answer questions if necessary.

Closing date:
I need to make sure I don’t get bogged down in emails, so contact me before next MONDAY (23rd APRIL 2018) if you’re interested. If you contact me after then, I may still have work going but I can’t promise a swift reply. Either way, though, if you have Blender skillz there’s never any harm in letting me know. Thanks!

Hope you see it fast: Next Friday is NOT 27th May, but 27th April:yes:

The ideal way of advertising for a job.
Thank you, applied! :–)

Hehehe - yep, got the date wrong. And I’ve been absolutely deluged in applications - it’s hugely encouraging to see the amount of talent out there. Man, I love what Blender means - it’s not just another 3D package, it’s a gift to the world.

Sent you email.

hello! i sent you a mail but bounced back ! i send you a pm here too !

Hi! Just sent you an e-mail! Hope to hear from you! :smiley: