Characer and Prop Works in Progress

Primarily we use Zbrush for sculpting. But I thought I would share these models as works in progress. Usually we use Blender at various stages of the optimization process to bring something to life after it is sculpted.

For an example of one of these finished you can check here:

But these are all models that I have been having my team make over the last 2 years for one of our very long term projects. It is more or less on the back burner now. But here they are. Hope you enjoy them and find some inspiration.


Project Page:


This is amazing work! And btw outstanding posting. I think that might, maybe be how you do it proper.
Little to nothing…
Little to nothing…
Team Gets deep in the project with lots accomplished
… Bam, one outstanding, knock your socks off mega post!
Very much like Id tech’s - When it’s ready- info and game drops.

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lol… Thanks.

By the way credit where credit is due.

I am not even close to being this good. I have a lot of experience, and I am no slouch modeler, and 3D generalist. But the team I assembled ( and am so lucky to work with), takes all of this to another level.

Hey, That is some really nice stuff, very edgy, very kool how certain elements are incorperated, like it alot.

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