Character animation 360 spin, glitch between keyframes

(Abracsis) #1

Is there a way to fix this?

making a backflip action, or roll to the left or right. Even If you ROT each key frame (for the hip, that i’m using as the main parent), at the end, when played in the real time engine, it trys to spin all the way back round in the space between the two keyframes…DAMN THING other than that, it’s a nice roll animation.

Also, i don’t understand Quads apose to rot x,y,z. why is there four Quads?



(Carl) #2

you can find something about the four quad thing in de the 225 documentation, I read it this morning and stumbled upon it…it is supposed to be better…

as for the rotation action I have the same problem with a character of mine, and seeing your post made me wonder whether it doesn’t have to do with the blendin settings, see if you use blendin values any other action will use that time to go to that position thus rotating al the way back

another solution is, I think at least, to have the actions run on a property and then have that property be framespeed*anyTimer ( say 25 for framespeed if you wanted 25 fps) and then make sure that the last frame of the rotation action is the same as the first of the next action, then it might still rotate all the way back, but at least you don’t see it…

good luck


(cluh) #3

I have already fixed this problem for SeaCigar. The prblems is in the Ipo. adding keys at each frame will not help. What I did is figured out what axis it was supposed to do the rotation on, and created that manually in the Ipo window.

(saluk) #4

Or you can add the rot keyss and then delete the curves for the axis(plural) that you don’t want. I’ve run into this problem as well, it has to do with the interpolation code I think, not that I really know.