character animation bsod issue , help !

Hi , im doing the character animation from the b summer of documentatio , and i have this problem , i do everything it says and i got this error , is easier to understand by looking at the images , i get that gray material instead of the blue thinh it suposed to be ,

what is wrong ?

also the bumping channel , can barely see it working , is there a way i can increase it effect ?

turn your lamp down a little, looks like the light is blowing out the color, to incease the bump, just turn up the NOR value.

thanx i’ll try n tell u ;D

thanx the bump issue worked but the shading one still got problems ,

i show you both configurations , and if i switch the colors it seems to work better , but its wrong as it comes in the tutorial , i get this grey ugly color i’ve tried changing the location of thre lamp but is the same , i dont really know why is this.