Character Animation, Explosions, and Gigantic 3D Letters!

Hello all,

This is an animation that I made for my younger brother’s birthday back in April:

I haven’t done much animating since then, but I’m planning to try some more in the near future, so any critique you can give me would be great. The rigging on the character isn’t that great, and the walking animations could definitely use some improvement. Not exactly sure what, though . . . :eyebrowlift2:

No comments? No criticism? C’mon guys, it’s not that bad! :wink:

That’s pretty good. Character animation needs a little work but it wasn’t bad! I loved all the particles and how did you get that awesome light effect on the text at the end? :smiley:


hehe i like it! it was (i dont say this owrd much…) cute. im sure your brother liek it a lot. XD

Thanks, guys, and he did. :wink:

For the light effect, I had a spotlight with halo effect turned on, pass across the screen behind the letters. Because of the way letters are shaped, the light was divided up into lots of little rays, making it look sparkley. :slight_smile:

ok the only problem i saw was that his feet moved to fast and thous it looked like he was glinding across the ground and only moving his feet for fun. it was great tho!