Character animation WIP with AO

This is my first post… I was not sure as if where to start posting but this seemed as appropriate place. I am very new to Blender (I have tried using it earlier, but was totally baffled with it as nobody pointed out that right - click is for sellection LOL).

I have some previous experience with 3D packages (PLE’s for Maya and Softimage, free versions of Truespace and commercial Animation Master)

After watching "Elephant’s Dream’ (and translating the text into Macedonian, Serbian and Croatian) I have decided to give Blender a try and I am veeeery Impresed with its rich feature set and its speed and ease of use. I feel that it leaves a lot to be desired in the field of intuitivity, so ease of use cames after steep learning curve.

So here is my first try at character animation (and at anything in blender) - I runned through ‘character tutorial’ from the blender summer of documentation

and tis is the result! AMAZING - it took me about 4 - 5 hours to have walking and waving character - fastest result in making and rigging character while reading instructions - bar none!

Thanks to Blender foundation and everyone that helps with Blender!


p.s. I plan to post finished character at this forum, if there is any takers
p.p.s. Very fast AO algoritam! I am impressed even more!