Character animation

(WeirdHat) #1

BlenderChar is a new site about character animation in Blender. The site is still under construction, so keep looking at it every few days.

There is also a new forum on elYsiun that goes with that site:

We also have an IRC channel. It’s #Blenderchar on

Have a nice day! Or whatever!

(Pablosbrain) #2

Very cool! Like the look of it! Can’t wait to see more!

(slikdigit) #3

awesome. I hope this goes well. Looks to be a great site.

(ilac) #4

Nice Site :slight_smile:
I hope it becomes really popular!

(sten) #5

Fun to get more attention to it, as I already knew it existens :wink:


(overextrude) #6

Very decent work. I like the Blendo model…is that your work? The way it’s posed on top of the text us pretty neat, too. I look forward to seeing the site as development continues.

(Hos) #7

The blendo model was created by Lyubomir
(If you look at the tutorial section of the
site you can learn how the eye was made).
Check out the hands of the model for an excellent example of low-poly modelling
using only quads.


(slikdigit) #8

thanks weirdhat for the site, and thanks to Lyobomir for making the model. downloaded it yesterday and began to play. I’m learning CA right now using blender and the animator’s survival kit. This is gonna come in handy.

(CurtisS) #9

Did anyone notice in Lyubomir Kovachev’s eye tutorial that if you animate the pupil mesh circle forward or backward in relation to the iris mesh that it will appear to make the iris open or close?
I suppose Lyubomir thought of this, yes? :slight_smile:

Ciao for now!

Curtis S

(BgDM) #10

This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank god all you blender guys are still around or I would be lost and working on another platform.



(dickie) #11

the eye tutorial kix it dude.