Character Animation

My last Animation with custom made Rigs this Year, hope you people like it!

It’s really smooth, I’m envious. Is that the Andy Griffith Show? Oh also is there motion blur added, how does that work? Is there somewhere I can see what your rig looks like because I noticed when I was using the bones in closed up poses it was hard to see what was actually where and see the positioning.

You can put bones in groups and on different bone layers.

Bone Groups can have an assigned colored scheme. As shown below, I have one group for the mouth bones with an orange scheme and another for the eyes which is blue. This is especially handy when you have too many bones in a tight place and don’t want to select each bone one at a time. You can assign them to a group and simply select the group.

Bone layers operate completely independent from scene layers. These allows you to control the visibility of your bones, which can be helpful. Just select the bones you want to move to another layer and press the M key, then click the layer you want it to go on. Works the same way for scene objects and scene layers, but to control the visibility of bone layers, you must go to the armatures object data properties under the skeleton panel (shown in the screenshot).

In the layers portion, you can see the darkened layers (little squares) are the currently visible layers and the lighter square are inactive. All the squares with little dots are the layers that have one or more bones on them.

Let me know if that wasn’t clear.

That was CLEARLY from the Andy Griffith Show. But didn’t expect for him to be leaving from the Titanic! I thought captains were suppose to “go down with the ship”?

It coulda been Matlock, When did Don Knotts Die? :spin:

Thanks John, can I call you john? It was very clear and should prove most useful in the future.

Happy New Year

True, Ocyd. But I know that this was from that show. Don Knotts died in 2006.

You’re welcome. Happy New Year and call me whatever. :wink:

I love this one.
I can`t stop watching it. haha
It runs so smoothly with the audio and the face expressions are so expressive lol.
Really nice job.

Love the 11 second club! Are the rigs based on rigify or completely custom? I just got the Blendercookie animation bundle. Awesome set of tutorials. I am not using their rig, I am using a modified rigify for my practice. Only because there is not an easy way to us their rig with your own characters.

Great job! I would love to see the rig.

@XeroShadow yeah my captain is a selfish wimp.
@ Alin B thank you!
@ place 57 Thanks! I usually do all characters from scratch. But those two characters are inspirated by character Designer Sandro Cluezo’s work. Because I wanted to have some days left for the animation I needed a quick Idea for the design. After I found the Design I make bluprints, model them per box modeling and rig them from scratch. First a skeleton that affects all parts of the body and then I build up some control bones with custom shapes.
The facial controls are solely Shape Keys driven with bones trough accociated drivers.

I have a completly similar rigged character from an older animation that you can download on blendswap.
Ready to play with or to check the rig for some ideas.

@all if some of you guys want to support this Blender animation in the 11 second club competition I would be very thankfull if you leave a good rating on it.

Hi, may I shower you with some critiques? I see that you have done everthing by the book yet it feels a bit off. I mean the staging, anticipation, moving holds, silhouettes are really good, in fact you made it a point to really use the animation principles. The acting is good, and there is good contrast between the 2 characters. But I think the spacing is off. There is little sense of energy build up, how gravity works on the characters. The end result is that they seems floaty (the sailor less than the captain). I’ve seen a pod cast somewhere of animation mentor on youtube talking about this. For example, when Bob Par was having an argument with his wife when she caught him doing heroes stuff, his hand gestures has a slow upward movement followed by a quick downward movement. Your captain has hand gestures that has almost the same spacing everywhere,like he’s floating in space. His escape in the life boat, the water is very choppy, but his movement is slow, again as if floating in space.

@ toontje thats a good point. I tried to keep up with everything I learned, but the spacing is in fact in need of improvement! And yeah the escape part was done in a hurry/I ran out of time so next time I maybe better leave things out when they can’t hold up to the rest. Thank’s for the advice!