Character Animator in Monkey Rave Production / Main Road Post studios

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Looking for character animators for Monkey Rave Production which is located in Yerevan, a sister company of Main Road Post (

Who we need:

• A character animator with experience in realistic animation of human or animal body mechanics
• A character animator with “acting performance” skills

What do we have to animate:

• Digital doubles for stunt scenes (mostly body mechanics for action scenes)
• Beasts (action with facial animation and realistic body mechanics)
• Humanoid creatures / aliens (body mechanics for action scenes and facial animation based on a ready-made reference)
• A bit of machinery, flying and not only

What the projects are:

All projects are big screen movies and TV series for streaming platforms, always with an emphasis on realism in all its aspects

Form of collaboration:

• Various forms of work from remote to in-house are considered
• The basis is project-based, with mutual desire with switching from the current project to the next

You can work remotely or in the office in Yerevan.
The approximate start in March 2023, soft - Blender.

Click here for more information about job vacancy:

CV and reel please send here: [email protected]

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