CHARACTER ANIMATOR NEEDED for a Short 3D film project

Hello, I am looking for a character animator who can help with my 3D animated short film.
We are currently working on the animatics. There are two scenes (in total about 2minutes) that have many characters moving and talking, so we will need extra hands!

I am looking for an animator who is experienced in working with character animation and generating lip-sync animation from voice-over clips and video references, using Blender.
Characters are already rigged.
The job starts from 3rd week of February and ends when these two scenes are done, hopefully within 2 weeks.

Please check out the synopsis and more details about the project here:

In , the lives of a young woman and a young man are intertwined and forever changed by their work at a regenerative human limb corporation. The three screens each portray the body part producer (young woman), the body part user (young man) and the corporation.

For visual reference, below is one of the characters in the film.

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