Character Creation Tutorial: Dynatopo.

Here is the first set of tutorials I’m creating on Character Creation using Blender. Part one covers the high resolution model. I chose a model with very little clothing as I wanted to focus primarily on anatomy sculpting of semi-humanoid characters (aka, know your reference). Anyways, without further delay: The series can be found on my website.

Character Creation in Blender. Part 1

I’ll be making part 2 as soon as I have time which will cover retopology and baking. I might get into texturing as well but depending on how long the retopology takes I may save the texturing for a 3rd part.

Let me know what you think, if you like it, I’ll keep making them.


I haven’t had a chance to watch the videos yet, but the project seems really interesting. Hope you complete it, texturing and all.

i’ watching the first one, it seems pretty good, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:
are you going to unlock the videos on youtube?
it will be easier for people to follow you this way instead of looking on your website every time :wink:

Oh yea! I forgot I had them as unlisted lol, thanks Naughty Ogre, good catch! They’re public now.

Looks really interesting - not too slow, understandable and clear.

Awesome, thanks mobimo!

I’m hoping to do part 2 soon but I may have just gotten stacked with a pretty major freelance project. So, we’ll see if I can squeeze it into my busy schedule before Christmas lol