Character/Creature animation (fantasy/independent game/contract/paid)

Hello, this is a message from Tea at Anime 3D SFX.

We are currently working on an indie, premium adventure/action game project that’s being released in installments, and later ported to a variety of platforms (Steam/mobile/AppleTV).

Demo here:


  • Make simple, expressive animations, enjoy working with game rigs (so, just a few bones)
  • Have a portfolio that showcases your skill.
  • Look forward to short gigs, but also quite possibly a long, productive work relationship.
  • Can deliver 3~8 short animations (walk/attack/scratch head/sit etc…) every two weeks or so.
  • If you can rig for games, good. Otherwise we’ll rig it for you.


  • Bring an exciting project that does not involve zombies or micro-transactions.
  • Respect an artist’s work, helped several junior artists go from x0.5 to industry.
  • Pay on delivery, out of pocket, on time and typically ~ US junior rates (work paid by animation, not by hour)

Please send a link with your portfolio and expected rate / animation or / hour, to this address:
antistar3d [at] gmail [dot] com

If you have more questions about work content or the game, ask in the thread so everybody can benefit.

Thanks for reading!

I am posting my resume for the position of artist. This is my online portfolio, so you can check it:

If you need a sample based on what do you want for your personal project, Let me know it and I will make it for you, so you can see if I can be the artist for your project.
Well, if you’re interesting on work with me, give me your reply and we can discuss with more details :slight_smile: Waiting for your reply and best regards! Atte.
Ronald Orrego León

[email protected]

Sent you an E-mail!

@LR_VisualStudio note that this was for animation and I could not find them in your portfolio. Also, applications via email were preferred (as quoted above).

For everybody else reading this, position is now filled or at least, I have enough quality applicants at the moment, which is delightful (so, if you post here or write, it may be a long time before I look into it)

Thank you!

Alright… if anybody can enlighten me as to how to mark this as [SOLVED], would be rad.

I’ve handled it for you. In the future, just edit your original post in Advanced Mode and you should be able to change the prefix there.