Character design for short comic


So I’ve been spending a lot of time on this model which is the starting point of a comic project (so static images, no animation involved). The idea is a short story about a small boy who realises for the first time the mortality of his parents and is shocked by the experience. Despite being a comic, I need the characters to be fully posable, and the boy should be able to convey different emotions (joy, contentment, fear, sadness, shock).

Maybe I’m taking things too slowly, but I’m learning about topology and posing properly for the first time.

I’d like your feedback on the boy’s head which I think has some problems, and I don’t know how to fix them:

  • The boy needs to be cute. It may be the lack of textures, but I think it’s more creepy than cute right now. How can I make him cuter?
  • What’s the best strategy for the “resting” pose of the eyes? They are currently modelled as fully open. Should I model them as half-closed for rigging?
  • Please comment on the topology. Is it ok? Will the current topology allow me to pose so as to express a range of emotions?

Thanks for you help in advance. I hope this is ok for focused cirtique, but please feel free to move to WIP if that’s a better place for it.




One more screenshot:


Forgot to say that I’m going for a cartoony look, no need for realism.