Character Flaws

I cannot get my character to stop bouncing off of walls when I run into them. I have tried friction and mass and damping but can’t get him to stop. WHAT’S GOIN ON??? I have searched this but it only comes up with those things.

I’m using a collision box around my character with an armature for animation, but it is no collision.

move logic

Well, I think that the problem could be that you’re using dLoc movement. It’s essentially teleporting the character. Instead, use linear velocity (or force). Someone else who deals with the motion logic brick on a more regular basis can help you out further.

As I understanding it, this is a side-effect of using the built-in physics types for directly-controlled characters with dLoc. Solarlune’s workarounds are good, but if you find the other movement types aren’t quite right, I’d recommend grabbing a buildbot build or a recent build from Graphicall. There’s a new physics type, ‘Character,’ that is meant specifically to fix this problem. I’ve found most unstable builds of Blender to be perfectly usable, and the character type make life much easier.

Thanks SolarLune that helped with the bouncing :slight_smile: Now does anyone know how to get the character to be able to jump when against a surface like a wall? When my character is up against a wall he only jumps a little like the friction is to high or something. And Galan, I probably should update, I’m still on 2.61

Give your wall a material and set the friction in the material physics tab to zero

And then do this to all the vertical surfaces in the game? Without changing the overall material so that the ground is not slippery? Seems like a lot of trouble, is that the best way to do it?

I do not really get what you mean with “when against … a wall”. But I guess you mean when it touches a wall.

I do not know why a character should jump when it collides with a wall but if that is your requirement:
Use Touch/Collision Sensors and activate a motion actuator with a strong force/velocity into the direction you want to jump to.

Sorry I wasn’t clear enough in my first post. It’s only when my character is against a surface and I am holding forward. So I CAN jump when against a surface, but I CANT jump against a surface when holding the forward key. This seems like a flaw as I am almost sure in all platformers you can do this. Sorry again for lack of clarity.